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Tristan Young

Licensee Salesperson

From the award-winning agency of Ray White City Realty Group comes an 'Outside The Box' approach to the real estate experience that delivers premium results and exceeds expectations.

Tristan Young and his team are passionate about delivering an ingenious, customer focused experience, while helping home buyers and sellers achieve their goals.

REAL ESTATE OUTSIDE THE BOX - To think differently, laterally, unconventionally and from a new perspective.

PREMIUM EXPERIENCE - We love making things easy and helping you achieve your real estate goals by providing the best possible service from start to finish.

PREMIUMAPPROACH - We listen to what you are wanting to achieve, we develop a tailored plan that suits your needs and we deliver on our promises to you.

PREMIUMRESULTS - We pride ourselves on not only achieving the best possible result but to exceed all your expectations throughout the process.

FOCUS ON PEOPLE FIRST - It's all about putting people first and building long lasting relationships. We put our clients before commissions at all times and strive to make your experience with us a premium one.

GO THE EXTRA MILE - The road is always quietest on the extra mile. We're always looking for that special edge and go the extra mile to ensure you receive a premium experience and that we exceed your expectations.

ATTENTION TO DETAIL - Just like every home, every detail is important, no matter its size. We ensure that no stone is left unturned and no opportunity is missed. This gives us our competitive advantage.

Would you like to see what real estate is like outside the box? Contact Tristan Young and find out what other agents are missing out.

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